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Cut your cloud storage costs by 80%
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Earn More, Charge Less


Earn high margins on storage and still charge less than traditional cloud storage prices. Cut your cloud storage costs by up to 80% and set your own pricing.

  • High Growth, High Margin, Low Churn
  • Earn up to 5x more than selling on prem storage
  • Drive Recurring Cumulative Revenues

As a Wasabi MSP you can bundle cloud storage for data backup, archives, second copies, videos and media, surveillance, research data, file collaboration and more. Wasabi is a natural fit with validated integrations to leading technologies such as Actifio, Commvault, Rubrik, and Veeam as well as 200+ technology alliance partners already proven to work with Wasabi. You can offer Wasabi right away with these or any existing S3 compatible services.

Join Wasabi Partner Network

With Wasabi’s simple, flexible program for managed and cloud services providers you can add Wasabi cloud storage services to your offer.


Program Benefits

Sell the Wasabi as part of your services and leverage the Wasabi powered brand

Earn margins while you market, sell, and support the hottest name in cloud storage

Access enablement, marketing, and service to support your business


Why Partner with Wasabi?

Immediate Economic Impact

Resell Wasabi for backup and recovery or archiving for dramatic price/performance improvements

Use Wasabi with the leading vendors of backup and recovery as well as 150+ validated partner technologies.

Offer your customers faster performance, lower prices and still make more money.

Migrate your Customers to Cloud

Many of your customers could store all their data in Wasabi for less than what they’re currently spending for on-premise storage maintenance fees alone.

100% bit-compatible with AWS S3. Easily pair Wasabi with your favorite premises storage interface via S3 API and other interface methods.

“What would an ‘ x% ’ reduction in storage costs do for your business” is great way to start a sales conversation.

Grow New Revenue Streams

Active storage is now a viable and profitable new way to expand your service offerings.

Consider using Wasabi for all archiving. No tiers, no complex data management.

The new economics and speed of hot cloud storage can unlock whole new opportunities and business models to explore with your customers such as data analytics and artificial intelligence.

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