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David Friend

A letter to prospective employees from co-founder and CEO David Friend

Really smart and talented individuals are always in demand, but not every company is a good fit for you. The purpose of this letter is to describe Wasabi – our goals, our culture, the kind of company we are – so you can get a better idea of whether this might be the right place for you.

Let me start by describing our goals from a product standpoint so that you can appreciate the magnitude of the opportunity before us. All we do is data storage in the cloud. We call our own unique version of this, Hot Cloud Storage. I shouldn’t say “all” because data storage is one of the greatest opportunities in the IT industry. Along with electricity, bandwidth, and raw computing power, cloud storage is fundamental to nearly everything we do. And it is growing like crazy.

In the coming years exploding data growth will force most companies to migrate from on premise storage to the cloud. When data is the lifeblood of a business the ability to access it affordably and immediately is vital. The rapid evolution of AI will bring value to data in ways we can’t come close to comprehending. Those that don’t have a bottomless cloud that stores all their data and grows with them without bankrupting them will be left behind. It is truly cloud storage’s moment and we are at the forefront of it.

Thanks to the genius of my co-founder Jeff Flowers and his team, we have found a way to do cloud storage faster, cheaper, and as secure as anyone else in the industry. We’re up against some big competitors like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft who already have billions of dollars of cloud storage business. But they also have hundreds of other products, and they can’t be best at everything. We do the storage part better than any of them. At 80% cheaper, up to 6x faster and without hidden fees they can’t even come close. Competition doesn’t scare us.

Our customers are in industries that have a lot of data and are very sensitive to price and speed: movies and tv, surveillance, astronomy, genomics, medical imaging, scientific research, and media-rich social apps. Since we’re knocking down the price of cloud storage by almost an order of magnitude, I’m sure that among our customers are startups who may be the next Instagram or YouTube, coming up with new and innovative business models that wouldn’t make sense at Amazon’s prices.

As a prospective employee, you might want to know a little bit about Jeff and me, because as co-founders we set the tone for the kind of company we are. First of all, this is not our first rodeo. Jeff and I previously co-founded 4 successful companies. Jeff and his hand-picked team builds the product, and I set overall strategy and raise the money we need to successfully launch ourselves. We both have large families and lots of outside interests. My undergraduate training was in music composition and if you google me, you’ll see lots of affiliations with the Boston cultural scene. Jeff has been very active in philanthropic activities as well and is very involved with the Walnut Hill School in Natick – one of the country’s top arts high schools. We believe in modesty and honesty. We don’t like boastful and arrogant people who flaunt their wealth or power. We have an almost upside-down view of organizational hierarchy. Rather than a pyramid with me at the top, I see it more like an upside-down pyramid with me at the bottom. My job is to create an environment in which the people who actually get all the work done can flourish and every day I think about what I can do to take away all the friction that’s slowing them down.

We love our work. It’s such a thrill and a privilege to start with nothing and see a real company grow up. When we build a successful company, I feel like an artist must feel when they finish a great painting or piece of sculpture, or like a great baseball team must feel when they win the pennant.

Because we try to choose people who are bristling with ideas and ambition, we don’t have many work rules. Some people prefer working from home because they can get more done. That’s fine with us so long as you really do get more done. Similarly, we don’t have a formal vacation policy. When you need time off, take it. Nobody’s counting. Self-motivated people who love what they do never abuse such policies.

In the early years of any startup, everybody is involved with everything to some extent, so it’s a great educational experience. A lot of people who have worked with Jeff and me over the years have gone on to become successful CEOs or risen to the tops of their professions. We are willing and anxious to promote people as fast as they can grow. If you’re the kind of person who takes initiative before having to be told to do something, and if you are the kind of person that is always curious to learn and try new things, there are few limits to what you can achieve here.

Someday when Wasabi is a big, successful, and highly admired company, all of us will be able to look back with pride at what we created and how the journey changed our lives.

Dave Friend, CEO

 Wasabi voted one of the best places to work

Wasabi voted one of the best places to work

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5-star Glassdoor rating

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